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Leider ganz aktuell: “Preacherman” von Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot
Melody GardotFranco P. Tettamanti
Song und Video nehmen Bezug auf die Geschichte eines jungen Afroamerikaners, der 1955 starb.
Lesen Sie hier einen kurzen Kommentar von Melody Gardot, dem wir nichts hinzufügen wollen:
The song “Preacherman” is inspired by the story of Emmett Till. It talks about his life, but more importantly it centers on the idea that racism is not dead. Sixty years ago he died, the same way that Trayvon Martin died – for nothing – and to put it plainly, I’m tired of it. The lyrics recount this young boy’s story, as it deserves to be told and remembered, but more importantly the song also begs the question ‘How many times do we have to repeat ourselves before we learn from our mistakes?’
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